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Warm mix asphalt foam system

Great workability
Lower energetic consumption
No smoke

Great recycling capability
Higher production rate
No smell

Preparation and water dosing skid

Including electrical section with quick connection via sockets.

Control system

Independent operation with USB output for recording parameters.

Line injection system

Operation with 1 injection lance on batch plants and 2 injection lances on continuous plants.

The ARGUFOAM injection system

The ARGUFOAM injection system is completely made of 304 stainless steel and can be easily installed on any continuous or batch asphalt plant drained by gravity or by pumping.

The bitumen / water mixture passes through a turbulence system increasing the rate and homogeneity of the mixture thus ensuring the final quality of the foamed bitumen.

The ARGUFOAM injection lance

The ARGUFOAM injection lance is equipped with a set of nozzles each consisting of a swirler and an atomizer.

Opening and closing is done by a punch needle system attached to a pneumatic cylinder and controlled by a solenoid kept closed by a powerful spring, thus avoiding clogging and starting faults.